Barcelona shopping //2

Jeg købte også disse to par fine sandaler i Zara, og det var tiltrængt, da jeg næsten ingen sandaler har. Men mit bedste køb fra Barcelona må næsten være denne ruskindsjakke fra Bershka (Zara’s “lillesøster”). Den kostede kun 440 kr i ægte (og pænt) ruskind.

I found two new pairs of sandals at Zara in Barcelona and they were much needed since I actually have very few sandals. But my best buy have to be the suede jacket from Bershka which were only 59€ even though it’s real and soft suede.

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  1. Just found your blog! I love it! I’m obsessed with Barcelona as well. Would absolutely love to live there some day. We dream and hope.

  2. Lisa says:

    Rigtig flotte ting og jakken er da et rigtig godt køb!

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